Canada’s private forest groups merge to amplify owners’ voices

By Sheilla Jones Canada’s small and large private forest owners groups have turned up the volume of their voices in Ottawa on issues such as forestry policy and national tree-planting programs. Effective September 1, 2020, the Canadian Federation of Woodlot Owners (CFWO) and the Canadian Association of Forest Owners (CFAO) merged to create the Canadian […]

Video: Woodlot silviculture and saving plan

Woodlot owners of Canada are asking for a personal silviculture savings and investment plan to shelter some of their income from wood sales from taxes, to carry out other silviculture work needed for the growth of the forest in the following years. The Quebec Federation of Forest Owners and the Quebec Farmers Union have produced […]

IIED remembers Peter DeMarsh

By Duncan Macqueen Words can never do justice to the life of a man – especially a good man. It is therefore with a sense of great inadequacy and sadness that we have here to remember the life of Peter DeMarsh, who died in last Sunday morning’s Ethiopian Airways crash. Peter inspired those around him […]

WAM mourns death of Peter de Marsh

The Woodlot Association of Manitoba joins woodlot owners and family foresters across the country in mourning the death of Peter de Marsh, the president of the Canadian Federation of Woodlot Owners. Peter was one of the eighteen Canadians among the 157 people killed when an Ethiopians Airlines plane crashed on Sunday, March 10, 2019. The […]

CFWO: MB woodlot owners need to make voices heard

The Canadian Federation of Woodlot Owners (CFWO) is calling on Manitoba woodlot owners to voice their support for three national initiatives that directly affect their businesses. The CFWO is fighting for a softwood tariff exemption on sawlogs from private woodlots, a silviculture savings plan for woodlot owners, and a national tree-planting program.   CFWO says […]

City ash wood and firewood ban backed by stiff fines

By Sheilla Jones WARNING: Transporting any firewood out of the City of Winnipeg could result in a $1,300 fine. In January 2018, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) declared with entire City of Winnipeg as a quarantine zone for the movement of ash wood and all firewood. This comes after ash trees infested with the […]

Winnipeg declared EAB restricted zone

Effective immediately, the movement of all materials from ash trees in the City of Winnipeg is restricted, and all firewood, no matter what species, is also restricted. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency issued a notice on January 24, 2018 that the City of Winnipeg is now a restricted zone due to the confirmation of the […]

Emerald ash borer hits Manitoba

Foresters and woodlot owners knew that it was only a matter of time before the deadly Emerald ash Borer (EAB) found its way into Manitoba, and now it has. The question now is how it will impact woodlot owners and family foresters, and those supplying and selling firewood. On December 7, 2017, Manitoba Sustainable Development […]

Death knell sounded for Canada’s Model Forest Network

BY SHEILLA JONES After 25 years, the Canadian Model Forest Network (CMFN), a Non-Government Organization created out of the Canadian government’s former Model Forest Program, has been forced to close down. “It is with a heavy sense of sadness,” said Brian Kotak, General Manager of the CMFN, “that the board of CMFN passed a resolution […]

Forest infestations explode, climate change blamed

By Sheilla Jones Warmer than usual winters due to climate change can make life on the prairies a little less taxing, but the warmer weather linked to climate change is also making life easier for insects attacking trees. This summer, southern Manitoba has seen significant outbreaks of Jack pine budworm in the Interlake and north […]