Foraging Workshops

Wild foods—the original organics

Foraging in the Forest

Sumac blossom in Toronto rev

Sumac is plentiful in the Whiteshell area, and the fruit cluster makes a refreshing lemonade-like beverage.

Foraging in the forest can be a culinary adventure!

WAM’s wild food foraging workshops will teach the skills needed to correctly identify wild edibles and safely navigate the search terrain. Our certified experts will teach:

  • plant biology and identification,
  • collecting and preparing edibles,
  • sustainable harvesting methods,
  • safety in the woods.

Workshop schedule: Foraging workshops for the summer of 2016 are being planned, and dates and locations will be posted here when the schedule is confirmed.

Advance notice: To receive notification of a workshop in your area and the opportunity to sign up early, please email Mike James and indicate your location or nearest town.

Email: Mike James at

Instructors: Our wild food instructors are Mike James and Ken Fosty, both certified trainers in Non-Timber Forest Products (which includes edible and non-edible woodland products). The certification program is run by Royal Roads University, BC, which conducts strategic and applied research to encourage the wise use of natural resources. James and Fosty have both previously delivered wild food foraging workshops in 2012/2013 for the Manitoba Model Forest in Pine Falls.