The Woodlot Association of Manitoba is a non-profit corporation (founded in 1982) promoting understanding and appreciation of Manitoba’s privately owned wooded lands through education, advocacy and opportunity.

WAM has been conducting research and selected workshops into such diverse topics as wild foods in forests, firewood safety and how woody biomass such as willows can add to carbon-neutral energy sources and carbon sequestration. WAM also educates through The Manitoba Woodlot, a high-quality source of information on issues related to wooded lands.

WAM relies on membership fees, advertising revenue and partnerships with like-minded organizations to fund our activities. However, we do seek community support in the form of donations. WAM is registered as a non-profit, so we can provide receipts for a business expense such as advertising, marketing and goodwill, but not as a charitable donation.

Your support helps us continue delivering “Wisdom in the Woods”, and your contribution is greatly appreciated.

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