COVID-19 Update:

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most events and activities of non-profit organizations like WAM have been suspended until it is safe to return to holding events again. In the spirit of the times, WAM is waiving membership fees for the 2020-2021 year. Current members will continue to receive e-Bulletins.

You don’t need to own a chain saw to become a member of the Woodlot Association of Manitoba, but you do need to appreciate and respect the economic, social and environmental benefits of Manitoba’s privately owned woodlots and family forests. Whether you own a thousand hectares of land forested by spruce, bur oak, poplars and saskatoons or live in a Winnipeg high-rise with a finicky Ficus benjamina, you can become a member of WAM.

Membership benefits:

  • Free e-Bulletin “classified ads” for members
  • e-Bulletin distribution of notices of interest to WAM members.
  • Member rates for special events.
  • Access to the archives of WAM’s bi-monthly newsletter, The Manitoba Woodlot, for insightful articles on woodlot issues and how woodlot owners have been managing their forests.
  • Opportunities to participate in field days and demonstrations, workshops, safety courses and other events related to woodlot management.
  • Tax-deductible membership if you operate a commercial woodlot.
  • The opportunity to become involved in supporting and nurturing Manitoba’s private forests.

Membership in WAM is open to individuals and businesses. Annual memberships run from April 1 to March 31, with fees for new members prorated throughout the year. If you want to renew your membership or apply for a new membership, click  here (the Membership Application page). If you have questions about membership, email