MANSea sustainable energy conference

The Future of Sustainable Energy in Manitoba

Many have questions about where energy costs will be in the future and about upcoming carbon taxes, so are exploring options for alternative energy solutions.  This year’s Manitoba Sustainable Energy Association Conference aims to provide answers to some of the most pressing questions on the minds of Manitobans.

Hear what agriculture is doing in sustainable energy and what is happening with biomass in Manitoba. Find out information on Community Energy Projects as well as some updates on energy storage.

The speaker lineup includes:

  • Dr. Danny Blair, University of Winnipeg, Department of Geography, Director of Science for the Prairie Climate Centre, “The Urgent Climate and Renewable Energy”
  • Philip Gass & Daniella Echeverría, International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD), Busting Myths about Carbon Pricing and Renewable Energy
  • Jeff Kraynyk, Food & Agri-Product Processing Branch, Manitoba Agriculture, Biomass in Manitoba
  • Scott Beaton, Keystone Agriculture Producers (KAP), “The Role of Sustainable Energy in Carbon Emission Reductions in Agriculture”
  • Melissa S. B. Pawlisch, University of Minnesota’s Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships & Extension, Community Energy: Perspectives from Minnesota
  • MB Electric Vehicle Assoc. — Electric Vehicles and the future of sustainable energy in Manitoba”
  • Jeff Blais, Manitoba Hydro, My Adventures in Energy Storage
  • Minister Rochelle Squires, Government of Manitoba, Department of Sustainable Development

We encourage your participation and input into how Manitoba might move forward with renewable energy projects to not only reduce our carbon emissions but also do this in a sustainable way. As we enter the era of increasing energy costs what are the opportunities and incentives that might be in place that can be part of the solution to carbon reduction?

Registration: $50

Student registration: $25


Dates & Times

Wednesday, April 11, 2018


Bethel Mennonite Church
465 Stafford St., Winnipeg

Contact Person
Wayne Clayton
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