WFF Project Leaders

Woodland Farm Food Project Leaders

WFF project leaders Mike James and Ken Fosty are certified trainers in Non-Timber Forest Products (which includes consumable and non-consumable woodland products). The certification program is run by Royal Roads University, British Columbia, which conducts strategic and applied research to encourage the wise use of natural resources as a way to diversify and sustain rural economies.

Mike James (2) revMike James is an educator and owner of the Boreal Woods Nature Centre in Beaconia, Manitoba. He is a retired teacher of high school biology and horticulture who continues to provide science/nature programs on a contract basis. Mike manages the Manitoba Model Forest Demonstration Trail at the Nature Centre and is also involved in bio-terrestrial monitoring and eco-tourism. Mike is a past president of the Woodlot Association of Manitoba, and serves on the board of the Manitoba Model Forest, The Native Orchid Conservation Board, the Debwendon Board and the YES Committee.

KenFostyholdingacropofOysterMushroomsKen Fosty is a professional instructor and owner of Forestry Training Services, Winnipeg. He is a certified Manitoba Arborist with more than 30 years of professional experience. Ken has a close-up familiarity with treed lands in Manitoba. He has assessed more than 1000 stands of privately owned wooded lands in the province during his 20 years as the Woodlot Management Program forestry technician for the Manitoba Forestry Association. Ken also has many years of experience growing wild mushrooms on logs and tapping Manitoba maples for syrup.