Woodlot Management

Getting the most out of your woodlot

The Manitoba Forestry Association’s (MFA) woodlot program began in 1992. One component of the program was the development of woodlot management plans to help woodlot owners to make the most of their private forests. Another component of the program involved educational activities and opportunities for landowners. The MFA and Woodlot Association of Manitoba (WAM) partnered in the delivery of various educational activities such as workshops and field days. MFA is the driving force behind Manitoba’s woodlot management plans throughout the province, and is now offering one of the most advanced plans in the country.

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The MFA’s new management program called Private Land Resource Planning (PLRP), begins with the landowner identifying goals and objectives, followed by a site visit from a PLRP staff member to conduct a detailed resource assessment. Once the resource assessment is completed a Resource Management Plan is prepared and delivered to the landowner

Your resource management plan will provide you a lot of information about your woodlot including:

  • Watershed information
  • Land use surrounding your woodlot
  • Description of woodlot, including tree species composition of each stand within the woodlot
  • Forest health – insects and disease, fire and blowdown
  • Ecological or Cultural resource features such as wildlife dens, or hunting stands
  • Operational activities suggested for each stand based on landowner goals.
  • Timber volumes estimates for forested stands
  • Reference Library – includes over 150 documents related to woodlot management
  • A series of maps of your woodlot and surrounding area

The new resource management plan provides landowners with a wealth of information they will need to get the maximum benefits from the proposed new programs that recognize the environmental, economic and social benefits of well managed private forests. Such programs under discussion at the national and provincial levels include ecological goods and services (EGS) and carbon accounting.

For more details on Private Land Resource Planning, or to request a plan, go to:

Website: www.thinktrees.org.

Email: plrp@thinktrees.org

Phone: 204-453-3182